About Us

Genesis International Tailors have been offering today's hottest styles at reasonable prices, steadily building up clientel to where we are among the very best known in our profession. We are custom clothing retailers that understand the value of offering our customers the best for less. Our online store which we launched over four years ago means that our overhead costs are low. In turn, we are able to pass the savings along to you. We are able to spend more time developing the skills to offer the  top designs and  unbeatable customer service, and we spend less time worrying about overhead costs. Because we are a smaller company than major retail chains, we have the freedom to select only the best cutting edge and current fashions. We don't carry anything that is out-of-date or of lower quality. We believe that every man or woman deserves to look their best!

Our unique line of menswear and women's wear come from designers' ideas worldwide. We insist that our designers and tailors use only the finest eco-friendly materials that allow you to show off your inimitable style with a clear conscience. Our small staff ensures that you will be treated with the utmost respect and care any time you contact customer service. To us, every customer counts!

Everything we sell is covered by a satisfaction guarantee.You can shop with confidence. Once you become our customer, your information will be kept secure on our database. Ordering next time will just be an email away. With our PayPal payment option you can be assured of fast, safe and convenient shopping with us. Your credit card information will be safe and secure. And, we NEVER share personal information with any third-party vendors. What does this all mean? You can count on Genesis International Tailors for a safe hassle-free shopping experience...every time!

Also, please remember, every time you shop with us, part of your payment will go towards helping someone less fortunate to have a better life. This is our commitment to the real world we live in.

Enjoy your shopping. Enjoy dressing with style!!